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Kaushik has 17+ years of experience as a technology commercialization, business development & venturing professional, including stints in US & India at multi-national companies, incubator-accelerators, boutique consulting firms, and science startups. He holds BE (Instrumentation), MS (Electrical Engg) and MBA degrees from India & the US. Kaushik’s skills and expertise include the ability to evaluate science and technology IP / assets / products for commercialization, package and position them for monetization, drive business development including development of strategic relationships, sales pipelines and channels to market. Kaushik has a strong aptitude to work across technologies and markets, having done IP evaluation & business development in diverse sectors such as semiconductors, LCDs, ICT, cleantech, biotech, advanced materials/chemicals and advanced engineering.
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Motorola (SPS) = Freescale Semiconductor IPVALUE Moneyoga Venture Center   CSIR-Tech

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September 2013 - May 2016Pune, Maharashtra, India Chief Business Officer (CBO) @ CSIR-Tech Private Ltd.
    India Science Venture Fund ('ISVF')

    ISVF Concept, Positioning, Pipeline
    • Conceptualized India's first science-focused early-stage VC fund, from scratch, with Board approval and target corpus of INR 70 crore
    • Developed and managed all collateral (Private Placement Memorandum, Pitch, Fund Model, Investment Criteria, Compensation Model, etc.) required by investors, regulators
    • Built a pipeline of investable candidates, a pipeline of technologies that can be spun-off and a database of similar Indian ventures that grew & realized value for founders and investors, in the past

    ISVF Marketing, First Close
    • Marketed fund to 150+ potential Limited Partners - mainly in India, some in US & Europe - including eminent VHNIs, PSU banks, Indian MNCs, Corporate Venturing arms of Foreign MNCs, government / development institutions and Indian family businesses
    • Persuaded first set of investors to commit enough funds to enable fund launch ('first close') at ~ 40% of target corpus; built additional investor pipeline to enable 'final close'
    • Designed a venture advisory board of experienced technology entrepreneurs who've built, and exited, large businesses in India

    ISVF Structure, Regulatory Approvals
    • Responsible for getting approval for the fund from the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Category 1 Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) - Venture Capital fund
    • Engaged top-tier law firms, auditor and trustee company to lay out fund structure, including sponsor, investment manager, investment team, etc. in line with SEBI AIF guidelines
    • Reviewed and managed all relevant legal documents - trust deed, investment management agreement, LP/sponsor contribution agreements, board approvals, side letters, etc.
    B2B, B2G Business Development
  • Partnered with 50+ publicly-funded R&D organizations across India to mine and evaluate their technology portfolios for commercialization, including R&D labs under CSIR, IITs, DST, Department of Atomic Energy, TIFR, etc.
  • Created new commercial models of engagement that conform to Government of India regulations/processes yet allow faster, professional B2G interface between labs and industry.
  • Engaged with Indian companies, industry associations and MSME clusters for technology marketing, strategic partnerships, distributor arrangements and cross-border investments.
    Technology Marketing & Transfer, IP Licensing
  • Led deal structuring, negotiation of commercial terms and deal closure for 50+ technology commercialization deals including patent licenses, sponsored research, technology collaborations, consulting services and product sales.
  • Built and mentored a team of 10+ professionals to evaluate markets, value chains, industries, distribution channels, pricing & positioning, etc. for technologies related to life sciences, civilian aerospace equipment, oil & gas refining, import substitutes for defense applications, automotive components, specialty chemicals & coatings, water and wastewater treatment, energy storage, etc.
  • Designed and deployed a robust, consultative sales infrastructure (team, CRM, sales training, lead databases, conversion checklists, marketing campaigns, etc.) resulting in shorter sales cycles and an increase in the volume of commercialization deals.
  • Developed and managed a comprehensive, offline + online, marketing strategy to generate leads for a portfolio of 800+ technologies from R&D labs - targeting Indian and foreign, B2B and B2G markets
    Spin-offs / Spinouts (New Venture Creation)
  • Identified 25+ spinoff opportunities based on technology/knowhow from R&D labs; helped design business models, structure technology transfer deals, plan cap-tables for grant & venture funding.
  • Improved mechanisms to enable equity-based commercialization deals between R&D labs and spinoffs/startups/SMEs for better alignment of risk-reward and efficiency of capital

Engaged with a preventive + therapeutic vaccines startup to explore various B2B business models, develop techno-commercial collateral, build a sales pipeline, and close deals with Indian vaccine manufacturers.

Developed business (including marketing collateral, sales capability, lead generation strategy & campaigns, CRM processes, etc.) for a biotech / drug discovery company, resulting in a) new customers from US, Europe, India; b) entry into new markets such as agriculture and nutrition, and c) launch of new protein services.

Helped a medical device + eHealth company engage with the corporate venturing arm of a large, NSE-listed Indian telecom company, resulting in strong interest for a strategic Series A investment as well as an immediate sales opportunity.

Invested in a B2C mobile app company; helped pivot its business model to B2B mHealth, build recurring revenue from scratch, win government grants and get term sheets for pre-Series A risk capital from strategic investors.

Talk: Entrepreneurial B2B Selling

Talk: Business Development for Science Startups

Speaker at workshop on 'Growth Issues for Start-ups in India' hosted by ASCI, Hyderabad

Bookmarks @ Diigo, Delicious

February 2012 - August 2013Pune, Maharashtra, India Principal @ AcceleratorIndia
    Business Development
  • Drove market entry & on-the-ground BizDev activities for UK technology SMEs, starting from technology/solution pitch to bids/RFPs/tenders and pilot deployments
  • Engaged with and influenced senior technical, procurement, and CXO-level professionals at sales targets/companies across India - to accelerate business entry into Indian markets
  • Supported the drafting, negotiation and execution of MoUs, consortium frameworks, strategic agreements, and commercial proposals with mid/large Indian corporations
    Business Analysis & Models
  • Used and refined a variety of methods for market / industry / competitive analysis of technology business opportunities and business models in India
  • Developed market assessment, positioning, product/service pricing, and distribution channel strategies for UK companies targeting Indian markets, to systematically de-risk UK->India BizDev for clients
  • Gained market insights across numerous technologies, including energy metering & efficiency, pay-as-you-go solar systems, advanced instrumentation for oil & gas, mobile content/infrastructure/VAS, secure M2M communication, fuel cells for telecom towers, precision-engineered automotive components, mHealth/eHealth, medical devices, etc.
    (Cross-border) Business Networks
  • Built personal/professional contacts in various technology sectors, to support B2B and B2G bizdev, including senior management, executives and investors
  • Identified and connected with BoD, BoA and CXO-level executives across Indian technology corporations, MNCs, PSUs and publicly-funded R&D institutes
  • Involved in all aspects of 3 UK-India B2B events: Riffstream#Mumbai, Riffstream#Delhi, Riffstream#Bangalore

Seminar: Mental Models for Technology Enterprises in India

Essays on business models, value chains, BizDev, etc. for technology startups in India

February 2011 - January 2012Pune, Maharashtra, India Associate Principal @ AcceleratorIndia (a Cambridge, UK company)
    Industry & Market Analysis
  • Conducted industry, market and value-chain analysis for India, across a variety of technologies: cleantech, TMT/ICT, biotech and advanced engineering (e.g. oil & gas, automotive).
  • Researched existing and upcoming/innovative technology business models in India
  • Analyzed impact of central & state government policies on technology businesses in India
    (Cross-border) Business Development
  • Acted as local contact to manage relationships between UK/EU clients and Indian companies/institutions
  • Established and refined sales & marketing strategy, develop local partner network and ecosystem
  • Validated potential clients via due diligence, draft proposals, support contract negotiation

Sr. Manager - New Ventures @ Venture Center
    Technology commercialization via Spinoffs
  • Developed stage-gate processes and resources to effectively take science to the market, with support from a unique Proof-of-Concept fund
  • Drafted & negotiated technology commercialization agreements with R&D institutions, within the frameworks laid down by GoI regulation
  • Designed a unique technology assessment service to generate a pipeline of potential Proof-of-Concept projects and technology spinoffs
    Seed funding for Indian technology startups
  • Assisted investment committee with seed funding of technology startups, via the (micro) seed fund scheme of the Technology Development Board (TDB)
  • Managed various aspects (business plan review, preliminary evaluation, committee presentations, 3rd party due-diligence, investment & pledge agreements, regulatory compliance, post-investment tracking, etc.) of seed funding
  • Participated in tri-partite negotiations and deal structuring with investee companies and their follow-on (venture capital) investors


  • Micro-blog about investing + trading in Indian markets.
  • Essays on raising risk capital in India
  • Essays on investing in technology enterprises in India
  • Essays on risk capital for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India

Networks & Events

  • Faculty at DBT-ABLE workshops on Enterprise Building & Innovation in Biotechnology Firms
  • Delivered talks on technology entrepreneurship, intellectual property valuation, investing, etc. at Venture Center, NCL (a CSIR lab), SIMS Khadki.
  • Attended / hosted talks on technology innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, seed funding, etc. via PuneTech, PuneChips, PuneCleanTech, local VCs.
  • Panelist at IIT Kanpur's Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (AGCETI 2010).
  • Participant in 2-week workshop on Technology Commercialization (IC2 Institute, University of Texas, Austin).
  • Volunteered to be part of CIIE's network of mentors - MentorEdge - that seeks to help technology entrepreneurs and early-stage startups.
  • Part of Economic Times Power of Ideas's network of mentors.
  • Speaker/panelist at BarCamp & Startup Saturday, Pune.


Assisted technology innovators, entrepreneurs, ventures, investors and institutions in various capacities; some are highlighted below:

A startup developing drug target ID technology for the drug discovery industry Proof-of-concept projects (potential spinoffs) in medical devices, water treatment, biomaterials etc. MSMEs working on wireless ECG, nitrogen purifiers, automotive systems, etc.
GoI-funded R&D institutions seeking to commercialize laboratory science Cleantech innovators in e-waste recycling, solar-powered irrigator, emergency kits, etc. A public library with premium books, market databases, e-learning and events
February 2009 - January 2011Pune, Maharashtra, India Business Development Manager @ Venture Center
    Technology commercialization
  • Structured a novel program - Lab2Mkt - to pursue science/technology commercialization opportunities in partnership with R&D labs in India
  • Launched a Proof-of-Concept fund to bridge the gap between scientific competencies and PoC/prototypes required for technology spin-offs
  • Explored market opportunities related to chemical/material/biological sciences w.r.t. new venture creation; investigated startup ideas for water treatment, diagnostics, bio-medical devices, security features, etc.
  • Organized ACTIV workshops to train scientists, R&D executives, incubator managers and technology transfer professionals in India
    Sales & marketing
  • Interacted with 200+ Pune entrepreneurs, tech startups & MSMEs - developed a deep understanding of challenges facing entrepreneurs & MSMEs in India
  • Designed, priced & marketed incubator services; brought in new clients as residents (incubatees) and beneficiaries of Venture Center
  • Raised awareness about technology business incubator amongst press/media, entrepreneur networks, Pune industrial consortia (eg. CII, MCCIA), and academic/research institutions in Pune
  • Interacted with a variety of domestic & international organizations focused on technology entrepreneurship (eg. senior personnel from various departments/ministries of GoI, economic development councils from Canada, Belgium & Finland, US/UK companies looking for Indian IP, etc.)
    Fund-raising for startups & for Venture Center
  • Advised entrepreneurs to obtain financial support from various central government schemes (eg. MoMSME support grant, Techno-entrepreneur Promotion Programme - TePP, etc.)
  • Raised a seed fund corpus for technology startups, via the 1 crore seed fund scheme of the Technology Development Board (TDB)
  • Assisted in the creation of a unique online funding database for Indian entrepreneurs
  • Successfully pitched proposals to various central government agencies for new programs & services at Venture Center (eg. Ministry of MSME - MoMSME, Department of Science & Technology - DST, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research - DSIR)
August 2007 - January 2009Bangalore / Mumbai, India Co-founder @ Moneyoga
  • Co-founded Moneyoga as one of the first quantitative trading and investing ventures in Indian capital markets
  • Developed company strategy, pitched to venture investors, explored partnership opportunities with financial services companies
  • Researched data sources, market analytics & system-based trading for stocks, futures & options; created a portfolio of back-tested trading strategies
  • Designed, developed & deployed a high-end stock market analytics Internet portal
  • Explored the creation of portfolio management services for HNIs with a focus on futures & options

GalaTime blog v2.0 - Indian capital markets

GalaTime blog v1.0 - Option trading / US capital markets

[Featured in Forbes' Best-of-the-Web financial blogs, 2004]

August 2005 - July 2007Bangalore, Karnataka, India Licensing Associate → Manager, IP Operations @ IPVALUE
  • Mined patent portfolios of IPVALUE partners (eg. Xerox, Palo Alto Research Center, British Telecom, etc.)
  • Conducted valuation of IP portfolios for commercialization via assertion, assignment
  • Participated in consulting engagements with top-tier private equity companies to estimate value of intangible IP assets prior to M&A / LBO transactions
May 2004 - July 2005 Austin, Texas, US Patent Portfolio Manager @ IP Licensing Group, Freescale, formerly Motorola SPS
  • Identified licensing opportunities for the company's intellectual property portfolio - composed of 5000+ patents covering the design, analysis, processing and system integration of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (ICs)
  • Participated in the technical analysis of patents covering the design and manufacturing of integrated circuits fabricated using silicon-on-insulator (SoI) and silicon-germanium (SiGe) technologies
  • Collaborated with semiconductor IC design and manufacturing process experts to identify strategic patents for commercialization
January 1999 - April 2004Austin, Texas, US Senior Staff Electronics Engineer → Program Manager @ EDA Tools Group, Motorola SPS
    Research & Development
  • Responsible for research & development of design automation software tools for high performance integrated circuits
  • Evaluated and benchmarked competing industrial software products for design and analysis of semiconductor integrated circuits
  • Negotiated third-party EDA vendor agreements, resulting in 40% reduction in software licensing costs
    Program Management
  • Developed processes for issue tracking, resource allocation and requirements management for a group of 200+ technologists
  • Adopted corporate PM methodology, tools, and new product introduction processes
    Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Participated in the Motorola SPS Intellectual Property licensing workshop at IC2 Institute, UT Austin
  • Investigated the feasibility of commercialization for Motorola IT and manufacturing innovations
  • Performed IP valuation of internally developed EDA software tools
    Publications (DBLP)
  • "On-Chip Inductance Modeling and Analysis", Design Automation Conference 2000 [Best Paper Award]
  • "On-Chip Inductance Modeling", Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2000
  • "Fast Analysis and Optimization of Power/Ground Networks", International Conference on Computer-Aided Design 2000
  • "Inductance 101: Analysis and Design Issues", Design Automation Conference 2001
  • "Analysis and Modeling of Deep-Submicron Issues in High Performance Design", PATMOS 2001
  • "Inductance Model and Analysis Methodology for High-Speed On-chip Interconnect", IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems 2002, Special Issue on On -Chip Inductance in High Speed Integrated Circuits
  • "Inductance: Implications and Solutions for High-Speed Digital Circuits", International Conference on Solid State Circuits 2002
  • "A Precorrected-FFT Method for Simulating On-chip Inductance", International Conference on Computer Aided Design 2002
  • "Fast On-chip Inductance Simulation using a Precorrected-FFT Method", IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design 2002
  • "Worst Case Clock Skew under Power Supply Variation", ACM/IEEE International Workshop on Timing Issues - TAU 2002
  • "Path-Based Statistical Timing Analysis Considering Inter- and Intra-Die Variations", ACM/IEEE International Workshop on Timing Issues - TAU 2002
  • "Statistical Delay Computation Considering Spatial Correlations", Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference 2003
  • "Signal Integrity for IP Blocks for Digital and Analog Mixed-Signal Designs", Virtual Socket Interface Alliance 2002
  • "Analysis and Optimization of Structured Power/Ground Networks", IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design 2003
  • "Table look-up based compact modeling for on-chip interconnect timing and noise analysis", International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2003

Networks & Events

Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Texas

[Texas Evening MBA - TEMBA - Batch of 2004]

  • Project: Corporate Venture Capital: Organizational Issues & Trends (PDF)
  • Project: Software solutions for Intellectual Property management
  • GPA: 3.9/4.0
August 1997 - December 1998Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
  • Teaching Assistant for lab course for EE seniors
  • Research Assistant to Prof. Sachin Sapatnekar
  • Summer Intern at System-on-Chip Design Technology Group, Motorola SPS, Austin, Texas, US
Master of Science (MS), University of Minnesota
  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Minor: Computer Science
  • Project: Analysis & optimization of distributed power/ground networks for high performance VLSI circuits
  • GPA: 4.0/4.0
June 1993 - May 1997Pune, Maharashtra, India Summer Intern at Nishko Instruments, Pune Bachelor of Engineering (BE), College of Engineering, University of Pune
  • Major: Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Project: Neural network analysis
  • Paper: Excimer laser corneal surgery; won award at REC-Trichy
YearUniversity Rank
July 1991 - May 1993Pune, Maharashtra, India   Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), Fergusson College
  • Major: Science
  • Ranked 5th in Pune Merit List
1982 - 1991Pune, Maharashtra, India   Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Karnataka High School a.k.a. KHS
  • Languages learnt: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi, French