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Which distribution channels will you use?

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Distribution channels are the means by which (technology) products/services get sold. While designing their business model, entrepreneurs need to analyze:

  • the various offline & online channel options available,
  • the economics of each option, and
  • the benefits and challenges of each option, and possibilities of conflict

Early-stage ventures must try out multiple types of channels (e.g. direct sales, big-company partner, distributor) to understand the trade-offs between sales volumes, channel margins, sales cycle-time, etc. Using a check-list of critical success factors for your product/service will help zero-in on the most suitable channel(s).

As a supplier with relatively less leverage, your pricing power & profit margins will greatly depend upon the 'shapes' of distribution channels:

Channel shapeNumber of suppliersNumber of distributorsNumber of customers


In India, technology ventures have to face more hurdles in distribution, e.g.:

  • Impact of unequal state / local taxes (e.g. octroi, VAT)
  • Counterfeiting & grey market
  • Expectations of kick-backs (especially in B2B & B2G contexts)
  • Skewed costs of reaching consumers (e.g. bottom-of-pyramid rural markets)
  • Multiple layers of (outsourced) distribution, resulting in an unreliable, inefficient channel with greater costs and delays