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What is your value proposition?

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To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to make and sell something that people want. As simple as that sounds, most ventures do not have a value proposition - a clear, compelling reason for why customers will buy their product or service.

Usually, people and enterprises buy a product/service because:

  • It is cheaper, faster, better
  • It enables them to create wealth
  • It upgrades the quality of their life
  • It provides a novel, positive experience

Unless you can articulate how your product/service does one or more of the above, your venture probably does not have a value proposition ('VP').

A strong value proposition describes what you are selling, how it addresses your customers' need, how much it helps (e.g.: increases revenue by x%, reduces cost/time by y%, etc.), and reliable proof that all of this is actually true. Your VP should be captured in not more than 3 sentences.